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About Us

The Fireworks Superstore LLC was built in 2006 and is open all year. Tom Marx and son Josh Marx created the Fireworks Superstore with two things in mind. The Largest selection in America under one roof and Super Low Prices located in Hannibal, Missouri. Both have been achieved! The building structure has grown to 90,000 sq. ft. The store represents many major China Fireworks product lines and stocks over 4,000 different items priced at very attractive price points. It’s truly a one stop shop with Quality Fireworks, Service, Price and a selection second to none. The store is also Handicap Accessible. The Marx Family have been in the Fireworks Business for over 51 years. Edward Marx founder of Marx Fireworks and son Tom Marx first opened a small 12 ft. by 20 ft. wooden building to sell fireworks at Oakwood, Missouri back in the mid-sixties. In the mid-seventies Tom Marx moved the fireworks operation into a seasonal tent located outside the City limits of Hannibal, Missouri on Hwy 61 and changed the name to Big Tent Fireworks. Big Tent was open annually from June 20th to July 10th of each year until 2006. The Tent grew in size over the Years.

The Fireworks Superstore LLC, now America’s Largest Firework’s outlets, continues to grow in sales each year. In 2010 The Fireworks Superstore started offering products wholesale to other Fireworks Dealers and Organizations for resale. The Fireworks Superstore LLC is truly an overwhelming experience for the true pyro customer!

Please Visit Us Soon!
Tom and Josh Marx

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