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Shop America’s largest fireworks selection, The Fireworks Superstore in Hannibal, Missouri! You’ll find all the biggest and best fireworks for sale at our soon to be 105,000 sq. ft., climate controlled facility. Every hot item and each huge blast will deliver a thrill.

We are known for the best and lowest price fireworks. We are direct importers and we buy for less meaning you buy for less, too! Get serious about affordable, high-quality artillery shells, missiles, fountains, firecrackers, and more with a visit to our year-round showroom.

Shop recognizable brands including Black Cat, Dominator, Megabanger, Shogun, Winda, Brothers, and many more. The Fireworks Superstore has something to offer enthusiasts of all ages. Really light up the night sky when you pick from the best fireworks on the market right here in Hannibal.



    • May 1st – Labor Day open 9am. to 7pm.
    • Rest of year open 10am. to 6pm.
    • June 20th – July 4th store will be open extended hours. Contact store for exact extended hours during this period.

    For entry other than listed hours; contact store for special needs.


    Call us for more information.