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Boomer Fireworks-The Fireworks Superstore


The Fireworks Superstore carries fun and exciting fireworks from Boomer. With the largest fireworks selection, we’re proud to offer Boomer fireworks as one of our popular product lines.

Get noisy with the largest fireworks selection including something for any occasion. Repeaters, rockets, roman candles, fountains, shells, cones, and cakes cater to your family or thrill-seeking audience. Boomer novelty products, reloadables, and accessories will make your event memorable and safe.

That quality comes from using only the best fireworks that meet stringent quality standards at Boomer. You’ll know the Boomer logo by it’s side-by-side black bombs on a red blast.

If you have any questions about Boomer fireworks, contact us and someone from our team will be back with you shortly!